Works on Foil

by Madden / Dylewski

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WATCH a sample of the whole project collapsed here:

1. Metal
2. Scroll
3. Strip
4. Tin Foil Track 1
5. Tin Foil Track 2

Exotik Pylon is truly proud to present Works on Foil, 5 extraordinary explorations of visceral hypnosis…

Halfway through making the audio for this release I realised my next-door neighbour was Steven Mallinder form Cabaret Voltaire. I took it as a sign from the godhead and decided to press on with the abstract. I invited him in one night as I was making the track called Strip. To make the audio I was holding a metal spatula which had 2 x guitar pickups stuck to it magnetically. I used this like an electromagnetic wand to sweep up and down a flickering strip-light (have you ever tried to make a strip-light flicker? You know, like you see in subways in bad 80's post-apocalyptic films? Well I have, and it’s fucking tricky...). Steve said it was like nothing he had ever heard. I liked that coming from him. Bartosz makes visuals like nothing I have ever seen. I like that coming from him. Caleb Madden, October 2013

Bartosz Dylewski is a Polish Born Visual Artist/Programmer and graduate of The National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz. Influenced by early 20th Century abstract art (Dada, Constructivism, Vorticism, The Stijl and Bauhaus) alongside early Computer Art (Bell Labs, Stan Vanderbeek, BEFLIX), Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine and recent accelerated audio-visual work by the likes of Alva Noto and Ryoji Ikeda he has developed a rich, powerful and mesmerizingly individual aesthetic glitching images audio feeds from live performances.

As Terror Wogan, Caleb Madden has been working with extreme Processing for a while now. The musical component of Works on Foil was generated from steel sheets, LED scrolling badges, liberated guitar pickups, a spatula, our aforementioned strip-light and a broken CD player playing CD’s glued with tin foil (“I know there is nothing new or clever about glitching CD's, but … the satisfaction when you give yourself up to glitch entirely, no editing at all just let it play until it’s a magical thing when it works...”).

Works on Foil arose from a series of dialogues between the duo concerning current audio-visual hierarchies and their desire to collapse their specific practices into each other. These 5 pieces are presented as wholly integrated multi-media transmissions (these are NOT music videos) on a limited edition foil-packaged SD card with the specific intention of usefully re-patching your perceptual synapses.

“This is meant to be played loud, not just on your PC speakers accompanying the visuals. No. LOUD. With Subs. And get a projector and beam it onto your wall, lie down, or stand up, but please take it as it was meant to be taken, like drugs, hard drugs.”


releases 17 March 2024



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